Mississippi Civics Project

Government and career politicians aren’t serving the people.

Mississippi is Largely Constitutional Conservatives, Un-Represented by an Elite group within a group.

Statement of Beliefs


#1) We will honor the Biblical base of our Republic.


#2)We will honor the State and Federal Constitution.


#3) We will build local groups, aware of and in charge of their own politics.


#4) We will build and educate "Research teams" for these local groups. We want the best information for citizens so they can make strong voting decisions. Information should be easily accessible and understandable.


#5)Then we will link all the groups together, and use the research teams together as well. We will encourage whistleblowers, and give them a protected voice, so corruption has nowhere to hide.  


#6) To stop lobby, political power, and cronyism that corrupts the body politic. We will create a representative standard that our team candidates will pledge to support and abide by. This will be a team effort to minimize ridiculous costs and the patterned need to be manipulated by outside interests.


#7) We will address aggressively, Term Limits, Zero-Based  Balanced Budgets, Education reform, and curriculum. We will also reinforce and solidify our 2nd Amendment.


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